Cell Banking

Cell banking is a program that pre-stores the immune cells and
stem cells in our body when we are healthy and uses them in therapies
with a customized treatment when we have a disease.

What should we prepare for in the era of living longer with more disease?

Life expectancy
82 years old
Probability of cancer when a person survives to life expectancy
79years old
Probability of cancer
(2 out of 5)
85years old
Probability of cancer
(1 out of 3)
the number one cause of death in Korea

It is known that 1 out of 3 people in Korea die of cancer.
Nowadays, more and more customers are preparing for cell banking, biological cancer insurance, while preparing economically through insurance at the same time.

Source : 2016 Life Expectancy (National Statistical Office)
2016 National Cancer Registration Statistics (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Dec. 2018)

Cell Storage (Cell Banking)

Immune Cells Stem Cells
“The Next-Generation of Cancer Treatment.” The defense system that keeps our bodies healthy. It plays a role in removing cancer cells constantly occurring in the living body. Flower of cell therapy, “Regenerative Medicine” Pluripotent cells that can make up our body tissues. It plays a role in regenerating and restoring destroyed or damaged cells.

Necessity of
storage of immune cells

Guide for blood collection banking

Hurim Biocell's blood cell storage products (immunity + stem)
Premium Standard Cancer Premium

Introduction to immune cell therapy

“Polyvalence new dendritic cell cancer vaccine treatment” and “immune cell therapy” are patented technologies unique to Tokyo Cancer Clinic in Japan and are treatments that powerfully activate the immune system in my body.

Cancer treatment
without surgery
that puts less strain
on the body

Product guide

For cancer patients Antiaging
With the new Polyvalence Cell Cancer Vaccine Treatment, microscopic cancer that is difficult to detect or invasive cancer that is difficult to treat by surgery can be treated with the patient's own cells without side effects. Highly active NK immune cell therapy is an immunotherapy that extracts immune cells (NK cells) from the patient's blood and then administers them back to the patient after proliferation and incubation.

Immune cell treatment process

Cells stored
(Immune cell isolation)
Incubated/ proliferated for
2-3 weeks(Japan)
Sent to Japan for the
treatment of cells.
Immune cells