CEO’s message

"We will always be on the customer side and lead ‘Good Marketing' insurance culture in Korea.”

Since its foundation in 2007, A+ Asset has presented the most advantageous insurance product portfolio among all life and non-life insurance products in Korea through analysis of insurance coverage for each customer with the philosophy of ‘Good Marketing'. At the same time, we have been leading the "Good Marketing" insurance culture by putting the best efforts in services provided after insurance subscriptions such as insurance claims.

In the future, A+ Asset will continue to build a variety of next-generation insurance service infrastructure suitable for the 4th industrial revolution environment, and further strengthen various service capabilities of affiliates such as healthcare, funeral service, cell banking, real estate consulting, and loan product sales in the financial sector, to become the most loved Total Life Care company based on the ‘bople’ application, the best insurance-based insurance coverage analysis solution in the insurance industry, and ‘untact (no contact)’ consulting solution.

Chairman/CEO of A+ Asset, Kwak Keun Ho