Company Overview

We provide optimal financial services in partnership
with 35 life & non-life insurance companies.

We aim to be a financial products sales company that thoroughly analyzes insurance products
from the customer's perspective and provides reasonable and optimal financial services to customers.

Business feasibility

Unlike other insurance companies that sell their products exclusively, we partner with 35 life insurance and non-life insurance companies,
thoroughly analyze the insurance product's coverage, business expenses, return on investment, product prices, etc. from the customer's point of view
and provide reasonable financial services to customers as an advanced IFA (Independent Financial Advisor),
and we aim to become a financial products sales company
that provides with one-stop service for all financial products such as banks and securities in the future.

Establishment Date June 7th, 2007
CEO Kwak Keun Ho, Cho Gyu Nam, Seo Sung Sik
Business Purpose Insurance, financial product sales and services, financial advisory consulting, etc.
Capital KRW 10 billion

A+ Asset's Business Concept

Financial company
(Total financial advisor)
Customized asset management
care service
Business partnership
in financial products

A+ Asset’s Partners

We are striving to meet our customers' complex and diverse needs, such as insurance, fund, real estate, tax issues, etc. through our customizable, comprehensive asset management consulting services.

21 life insurance companies
13 non-life insurance companies
Life care
Tax /Labor /Real Estate care