Coverage Analysis Service

It is more important to know about the insurance
you already have than to get a new one.

What is coverage analysis service?

It is a service that prevents unnecessary premium spending and increases coverage by comparing and analyzing insurance that you have subscribed to, with A+ Asset's unique system.

Check PointIf any of the 4 items below apply, try our Coverage Analysis service.
01.I do not exactly know what my current insurance policy covers.
02.The premium I am paying is burdensome.
03.I have never filed a claim for insurance since I have subscribed to an insurance policy.
04.I want to know if there is no duplicate coverage or insufficient coverage for my insurance.

Strengths of A+ Asset's Coverage Analysis Service

Total Financial Advisors (TFAs)* across the country will help you with coverage analysis services. TFA is a financial specialist that provides optimal financial services by thoroughly analyzing all life insurance and non-life insurance products from a customer's point of view, unlike the exclusive insurance planners who only sell their own products.

You can easily receive coverage analysis service through the "bople" application.
"Bople" is an application that shows at a glance the proportion of the covered items such as death, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, loss, and surgery, as well as subscription details by type of insurance the customer has subscribed.