A+ Life's High-Quality Funeral Service

The customer satisfaction service realized through the excellence of Hyodam
delivers the best satisfaction to customers.

Excellence of Hyodam

Hyodam has differentiated excellence compared to other funeral service companies.
We provide 5 quality assurance systems, cost-reimbursement system, conversion to other products service, service satisfaction evaluation, refund payment 100% at maturity, customized service by each religion, and pre- and post-additional services to practice the best customer satisfaction and experience.

Implementation of 5 quality assurance systems

Reliable contract, immediate dispatch, use of genuine products, elimination of extra payment for travel expenses, 100% refund at maturity
Cost-reimbursement system

Service to refund the amount for unused items
Refund payment 100% at maturity

100% refund of principal at the time of refund after maturity
Customized service by each religion

Customized services for each religion upon customers' requests provided

Hyodam Product Guide

Customers can find a variety of Hyodam products prepared for their elegant life.

Advance reservation system
It’s a product only for cremation

Advance reservation system (after paying the deposit once, the rest is settled at the funeral event)
Hyodam 336
It's a product for nuclear families and small visitor groups

- Products for small visitor groups
- Choose between a bus for condolers or a limousine for the deceased
Hyodam 432
Standard product

- Standard product suitable for burial or cremation
-The bus for the condoler and the limousine for the deceased are separately operated.
Hyodam 480
Products for large families and burials

- Products for burial (hemp 100% shroud, hemlock coffin)
- Suitable when a family burial ground or a burial site is distant
Paradise 180
Simplified products for Christians only

- Products for churches (groups)
- No helper provided (subject to actual expenses)
- Shrouding with casual clothes such as suits and hanbok
Paradise 336
Standard products for Christians only

- The best product for individuals
- Washing and shrouding of the rayon hanbok shroud
- The bus for the condoler and the limousine for the deceased are separately operated.