Health Care Service

A service that provides care for
customers' most valuable asset, health, 24/7/365

We provide special healthcare services, to our top customers, that can contribute to the improvement of the customers' health and quality of life.


Health Call 24/7/365

  • · Real-time health consultation with medical and nursing professionals
  • · Reservations for tertiary hospitals and information on the best doctors by disease
  • · Planning health checkup items and preferential services
  • · Provision of regular health information

Overseas Medical Emergency Assistance Services

  • · Consultation is available 24 hours in the event of a medical accident in overseas travel or business trip
  • · Information on local medical institutions and counseling in Korean available
  • · Guarantee of payment and medical condition monitoring during hospitalization
  • · Evacuation and repatriation to Korea through a medical ambulance (paid service)

Dementia Prevention Solutions

  • · Dementia self-diagnosis (CoCoMo)
  • · PC-based Cognitive Improvement Training Program (CoCoTa)
    (Jointly developed by Seoul National University Hospital and KIST, etc., Holds clinical research results of improvement of cognitive function after 12 weeks of training)

Psychological Counseling Care

  • · Face-to-face counseling with a professional psychological counselor (wired / face-to-face)
  • · Preferential treatment at partner psychological counseling centers nationwide