Customer-oriented financial company that brings happiness
A+ Asset grows with customers.

A+ Asset, which took the first step in dreaming of a change that brings happiness to the financial market,
continues to grow steadily by practicing compassionate finance and good marketing.

Present ~ 2019
2018 ~ 2016
2015 ~ 2013
2012 ~ 2010
2009 ~ 2007
2020 Awarded Best GA for 2 consecutive years, leading the way in realizing customer satisfaction Jan. Awarded the best GA in 2019 by the Korea Insurance Agency Association
Mar. Donated to the community to help tackling COVID-19 (Daegu, North Gyeongsang Province)
Apr. Registered as K-OTC by the Financial Investment Association
Nov. November Listed on marketable securities of Korea Exchange
2019 Released “bople,” opened the era of InsureTech Jan. Awarded the best GA in 2018 by the Korea Insurance Agency Association
Feb. Awarded Grand Prize of Puple Light Awards hosted by Korea Bureau for Epilepsy
May Released a coverage analysis application, “bople”
2018 Contributed to society through compassionate finance Mar. Launched the industry's first insurance product for epilepsy patients
Nov. Received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award at the National Intellectual & Development Disability Welfare Contest
2017 Made a strong leap forward the new decade Feb. A+ Asset Tower has been moved to the new office building
Apr. Signed KRW 50 billion investment contract with Sky Lake Investment
2016 A+ Asset opened a new era at the new office building in Gangnam! Jan. A+ Group purchased Nara Investment Banking Corp. Bldg. in Seocho
Jul. Signed a business alliance agreement with Gyeonggi-do Social Enterprise for the expansion of the sales channels and win-win relationship
Nov. Received the 2016 Korea Sharing Volunteer Awards, Strategy and Finance Committee Award from the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea
2015 Launched the brand, “Good Insurance 119 A+ Asset” Jan. Broadcast Infomercial on TV - With Yong-Woo Gil as a model
Jul. Signed a support agreement for the 2016 Rio Olympics prospect
Aug. Signed an agreement to support the Gangseo Child Disability Parents Association
Dec. Family photoshoot for people with developmental disabilities and signed a sponsorship agreement
2014 Partnership of selection and concentration with the financial sector! Feb. Launched the industry's first healthcare service for customers
Jul. Opened a personal mobile website for TFA to support sales activities
Aug. Appointed the violinist Jihye Park as A+ Group's Ambassador Dec. Introduced an infomercial advertisement for the first time in the GA industry!
2013 Proclaimed “Compassionate Finance, Good Marketing” in the financial market Apr. Sponsored A+ Asset Golden Beach 2013 Korea Big Match Golf Event
May Developed advanced insurance design computer system for people in their 20s and 30s for the first time in the industry
Oct. Sponsored 5th A+ Asset Volvik Club Championship Golf Tournament
2012 Took another leap forward for customer satisfaction Feb. Launched a business center in North Jeolla Province
Apr. Selected as an excellent Social Responsibility Corporation
(Sponsor: Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Employment and Labor / Host: Digital Chosun Ilbo)

May Signed an agreement to participate in the 'Connecting love to the elderly living alone' project by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Launched the Securities Analysis Team

Jun. Launched a public interest project, launched and implemented a support project for the elderly living alone
Oct. Launched the Financial Support Center for tax accountants
Nov. Developed the industry's first coverage analysis computerized system and TRD system
Dec. Launched the Seoul Business Center
2011 Established affiliates and laid the foundation of the group. Feb. Implemented Smart -FA
Mar. Achieved operating profit of KRW 122.6 billion and signed 21,891 of contracts
Jun. Launched business centers in Yeongnam area and South Gyeongsang Province Nov. Launched a financial expert training course for people in their 20s and 30s
2010 Move to A+ Tower for a new leap forward. Jul. Hosted the 1st Royal TFA Festival
Aug. Broadcast TV advertisement for the first time in the industry - With Joo-Hyun Oak as a model
Opened A+ Lounge, the first customer-oriented financial service space

2009 A new challenge was made for the development of human resources. Jan. Completed development of a computerized system A+ World, opened the data processing department
Oct. Volunteer work to participate in 1 Company-1 Village campaign
Opened the A+ Asset Development Center

2008 Diversified customer-oriented services. Jan. Developed and sold “A+ Asset Premium,” an on-demand insurance product for the first time as GA Feb. Opened A+ Academy Center
Established corporate business centers
Apr. Held the 1st A+ Asset Advisor Top Conference (ATC)
Opened the 1st financial plaza
Jun. Launched a business center in Honam area Jul. Established affiliation to participate in 1 Company - 1 Village Campaign Oct. Launched A+ Asset Donation Fund Dec. Launched Daegu Business Center /Busan Business Center /Financial Plaza Center
2007 Took the first step toward a change that brings happiness in the financial market. Sep. Established A Plus Asset Advisor Co., Ltd.
Opened Seoul Branch, the first branch