• Compassionate finance and good marketing, the way we are walking together with customers
    This is the way A+ Asset always pursues with customers.
  • WM Center, a consulting expert group that comprehensively manages customer assets
    WM Center provides specialized financial planning services for individuals and corporations.
  • Won the best GA, an indicator of customer satisfaction, for 2 consecutive years
    A+ Asset will take the lead in realizing customer satisfaction through transparency and integrity

PLUS Insurance in my life, bople

From coverage analysis to customized consultation for customers and insurance claims, all at once! PLUS Insurance in my life, bople.
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Customer Service

Through insurance coverage analysis service using big data and AI,
and comparison between all life insurance
& non-life insurance companies' insurance products,
we find the optimal insurance products for our customers and
provide health care services and life care services to improve
our customers' health and quality of life.

Good Insurance Services Health Care Services Life Care Services